Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1 - Dashi

Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1 – Dashi

This is about the third time I made real dashi, this time following the Japanese Cooking 101 dashi recipe and tasting the stock after each step to familiarize myself with the taste.

500ml Water
5g Kombu (~5cm x 15cm)
6g Katsuobushi

I let the kombu soak for about an hour because I had the time. After 10min of simmering, the stock tasted a little bit like freshly picked mushrooms smell. A very faint taste, but already kind of pleasant. The end result still had the same taste in the background but layered with the lightly fishy and smoky katsuobushi taste.

Kombu can be found easily in asian supermarkets and health food stores near my home, but with the katsuobushi it is a completely different story. I think I had to wait almost a year until the 100g packet was available at JapanCentre and including the shipping from UK to Austria it is really pricey. But somehow I think it is worth it. Especially for a light miso soup or sauce the difference in taste compared to the granules is enormous. The taste is so much more refined, and much less salty.